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Why we're here, What drives us.

We love to design & develop.

Creating something beautiful is the most satisfying and rewarding thing we do. From idea to polished product. This is our passion.

At our core is the understanding that everyone enjoys accomplishing what they've set out to do. Our passion and this understanding is what drives our design & development process to create beautiful and meaningful projects. We want to help you accomplish your goals.

Our team is commited to clear communication, agile methodologies, pragmatic principals and quality craftsmanship in everything we do. You will always know where your project stands, what work is currently being done and what the next steps are.

Unlocked Achievements are our success.

Robert French

Founder & CEO

Robert French

Robert is a seasoned developer and well rounded geek. From his earlist coding days, he has immersed himself in a career of design, development and education, with a focused dedication to both Toronto’s and Peterborough’s game development communities. As as an Adjunct Professor, Robert teaches video game design & development in both the private and public sectors in Toronto, while contributing to the leadership of the local Peterborough game development community through the endorsement and sponsorship LiftLock Studios gives to the PTBO Game Jam and PTBO Game Dev meet-up group.

" I started Liftlock Studios because I have stories to tell, because I love making beautiful things and because I want everyone to have some fun."

Our Services

what we can do for you

Game Design & Development
Game Design & Development

Game Design & Developemt

We design and make video games!
We can also help with your game project.

Perhaps you have a project that needs some additional love?



Want better engagement from your customers, clients or employees?

LvlUp is the solution you're looking for.

In Development!

Web Design & Development
Web Design & Development

Web Design & Development

Professional website design and development is always responsive and include SEO.

With over two decades of experience, we can build you a site you will love.


Community Events

Liftlock is a proud supporter of the local Game Development Community.

This includes the monthly Game Dev Pubnight
(on hold due to covid-19)

As well as the amazing PTBO Game Jam

The Indie Game Scene
The Indie Game Scene

The Indie Game Scene™

Are you an indie game maker, trying to get more exposure on your game?

We want to interview you for our Podcast!

Visit The Indie Game Scene

Coaching & Consulting
Coaching & Consulting

Coaching & Consulting

Do you need some help figuring out a project or increasing your productivity?
Looking to be held accountible and reach your goals?
Need to get your head wrapped around DevOps?

Want to be the best YOU there is?

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